Saturday, March 25, 2017

Chiefs game and Sierra is Walking!!!!

These two boys amaze me each and every day I see them interact.  They are so different in just the right way.  I know they can fight and don't always get along, but when they do get along it is amazing to watch and give you hopes that they will continue to play nicely and become lifelong friends.
Coloring on the table.  Of course anything they do has to be near an adult and they have a hard time staying in their own space, but these days are so precious.
As a Life Group we went to a Spokane Chiefs game again this year.  One guy in our groups works for the chiefs and I texted him during the game that we needed Boomer in our section.  He did not disappoint and while Matt was watching the game Boomer came and sat right next to him.  Seeing his face light up was so much fun.  James is a little hesitant with people in costumes, but Matt was mesmerized and loved very minute of it.
Look at the excitement on his face.
When I walk through the door at the end of a long day there is no telling what I am going to see.  Superheros, legos, and of course some wacko trying to cut me with a saw.  I love to be greeted at the door no matter what they are dressed up as or what they are acting like.  There is only a few years when you are greeted like this from your kids and I want to take advantage of every day.
Sierra is right on her way to walking.  it seems that in the last week she went from hesitant to confident and is walking all over the place now.  Brenda says she is taking a lot of naps as well and I can only assume it is because the is covering so many miles in a day on those two little legs.
Brenda and I got a night out the other weekend.  Now the Brenda's parents live so close (they moved only 1 miles down the road), we are starting to take advantage of the free babysitting.  There is nothing like a little bluegrass to make your feet stomp and give you hope for the future.  Every time I see bluegrass musicians, I really wish I knew how to play the mandolin.  There is nothing like the sound of live music...having a good looking woman sitting next to you is icing on the cake.
Here is proof that our youngest has reached the ever important walking milestone.  Next up is riding the dirt bike, but Brenda thinks I am jumping too far ahead.

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