Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Part 2 and Birthdays

Below are the boys in uniform as regularly seen around our house.  I thought I would start the off as competitors and rivals although that may not be a good thing in the end.  There is nothing like a little competition to get the blood pumping.  James likes the Seachickens and it is most likely because I don't like them.  He can be very contrary and regularly says he loves whatever I don't.  I have not found out how to use this to my advantage and am just trying to break him of that habit.
These two are the best two boys you could ask for.
James made me a coupon book for Christmas.  Brenda says it was all his idea, but I wonder where he came up with it.  He actually does give pretty good backrubs and I plan on cashing in on "get you a drink" and "shovel the driveway" very soon.
Now for the crowning jewel of Christmas....The Turducken.  I boned the duck and turkey and had some duck from this years hunting left over so I thought I would give the turducken a try.  It turned out great and gave us lots of food for all our friends that came over.
Jim got James and Matthew some coin collecting books and James had a hoot.  Looking at all the dates and finding the shiny coins kept him busy for a few hours and also kept Jim pretty busy.
There was a break in the weather and a little warming trend that made the snow just right for making a snowman.  He ended up being 7' tall and they boys loved to make it.
I took some time off over Christmas and Brenda thought it would be a good idea to go roller-skating.  I thought that was a good idea as well, but I should have known that they would not have my size skates.  I pulled daddy duty (also known as parenting) and watched Sierra while Matthew, James and Brenda tore it up on the rink.
The kids love the bath time. 
Opened a few late Christmas gift of super hero masks and capes.  Masks and capes or costumes are standard attire any time of day at our house.  They are also considered PJ's at times.
Matthew turned 4 recently and he wanted to go to the train place and have a party.  It is more of an older guy and nerd clubhouse so I don't think parties are really available for parties, but we did go to the train place and brought some cupcakes for the members of the model railroad club.  Notice the birthday ribbon he wore and of course he was in full costume.
Both of these boys could spend a lot of time at the clubhouse and it is really detailed.  I see something new every time I go there.
Then it was time to go back home and eat more cupcakes.
Sierra is so much like her mother it is scary.
We went away that weekend to Helena for a work training thing and was able to stop in a see a few friends.  It is amazing how fast kids make friends and get used to their new surroundings.
Then it was off to grandma and grandpas house in Bozeman for the weekend and celebration of Sierra's birthday.  There is only so much you can do with a 1 year old, but we tried all the same.  We went to a Manhattan Christian B-ball game and saw them invoke the 40 point rule because they were beating their opponents so badly.
She was pretty good at getting most of the cake in her mouth, but really concentrated on the frosting.  Who can blame her.
Look at that cutie.

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