Friday, November 11, 2016

Event Filled Fall

The blog posts are getting intermittent at best.  I have been on Facebook more recently and it seems that I have used that as more of an outlet to let others know what is going on.  After the most recent election results I had to take a break from it.  It has been painful to hear the ridiculous if/then rhetoric and blanket statements and I have to take a break.  If I don't, I think I may unfriend so many people that I would be left with about 3 people to follow, and maybe that is a good thing.  Entitled liberal thinking and media is driving me crazy.
Jim and I once again participated in the annual speedster endurance run.  We did not win this year, but we got fifth out of 24 or so cars.  The car ran good and we had a blast cruising along the winding roads and navigation was much easier this year.  I think there was only about 70 turns to take as opposed to last years 200 turns in 200 miles.
James finally started Kindergarten.  I am not one of those weeping parents who cant believe their kid is growing up, and that is because I was not there to see him off on his first day of school.  Through this process of raising kids I have become much more empathetic to fellow parents and all of the milestones that kids reach.  Parenting little ones is hard, but it may be harder to see them grow up and reach milestones you never will be at again.
James in the front of the class....right where I was at first.  Then, once the teacher figured out how much I could talk, they put me in the back corner and a bi-folding door in front of me so I could not see anyone.  Maybe this is why I hate cubicles to this day
Sierra is growing so fast and she is very lovable.  Always laughing and happy, they is the quietest kid.  Smiles all of the time and doesn't show any sign of talking yet.
Sunday morning photo shoot with an attempt to get them out of mom's hair.
Just look at this toehead
James and Matt  went to the Spokane fair and participated in the tractor pull.  James did an amazing job and it is great they have such fun events for free at the fair.
The kids also stopped by for one night in St Maries where we watched a football game and then they next day I gave them a quick ride on a skidsteer.
Matthew will normally be seen around in his PJ's and changes about 4 or 5 times a day.  Any slight temperature change makes and change from pants to shorts or long sleeve to short sleeve (or tank top) a must.
Bath time with the three hooligans is always a good time.  There is precious little time when there is innocence in a kids life so we take advantage of it when we can.  As you can see there are lots of laughs.
James received the Barnabas award at school for his respectfulness in class.  He never did pre K and a lot of the other kids did so I think he is a little quiet.  I think since he is still getting used to the routine he was shocked to see that some of the other kids don't listen to the teacher and talk all of the time.  I am sure in due time he will be more like me, but I am grateful to see good notes coming home with him and not bad ones that I have to sign.
One of my co-workers likes to duck hunt and I really wanted to go with.  Wow is that a good time.  The first duck I shot at I hit.  I was thrilled to say the least.
Fall means a field trip with the class to the pumpkin patch.
Touch a truck day at the fire station with "free" food and kids enjoying all the aspects of fire fighting.  Matthew had to wear his fireman suit like he has for the past two years.  This is one of his favorite events.
Just look at those chompers.  She is up to 7 and working on number 8.
For some reason the boys love to go outside and work with tools.  I must be nature...or is it nurture?  Safety is always the most important this so Matt makes sure to wear his safety goggles.
Houston, we have a thumb sucker.
What a sweet and adorable child.
I got to go duck hunting a bunch more times and with a friend I work with who has a dog as well.  A hunting dog is a hug help.  This day we had four come in right off the bat and the tree of us each took one shot and each hit a different bird.  That was just of taste of things to come as we got 14 birds that day and had a lot of fun.
Manliness on display.
The boys and I went to indoor flat rack racing the other week.  If you want to see some crazy dangerous stuff and get your allotment of inhaled fuel fumes for a lifetime in 2hrs, this is the place to do it.  I may go again, but even I was wondering if it was really a healthy atmosphere. 

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Summer in Review.

This summer has completely deprived me of the motivation to keep this blog up to date.  We have had four weeks of visitors at the house with a week in between each, but that has consumed my time and lets all face it, the weather has been great and that makes me want to hang out outside instead of updating a blog.
As a consolation, I have prepped the longest blog post in the history of this blog and have included lots of photos of the fun and excitement this summer. 
The Froese family visited the inland NW and hung out at the house for a few days.  We had so much fun catching up with friends that we don't talk to all that much, but still feel like close friends.  The kids had a ball playing together and running all over the yard.  Of course we had to go to the beach, hit up downtown, and then kick back and enjoy the wonderful company.
Amy was nice enough to take a couple of photos of the family as a thank you gift for our hospitality.  They turned out very nice and we got to enjoy wonderful picture of the kids and the family that we will look back at in 20yrs and laugh at.
Those kids can be so adorable.  On of my pet peeves is when I post a photo like this on Facebook, the comment saying "what a perfect family" is typically thrown out there.  Well....that could not be farther from the truth.  All of us as parents know what it takes to look like this in a photo and usually threats are thrown out there and some not so proud parent moments as well.
 My Family came out for a week of fun during the heat of the summer.  I have been gathering bikes for a couple of weeks off of craigslist for $20 or $30 and that gave us enough where we could get just about everyone out on a bike and go along the centennial trail.  It appeared as if everyone had a good time.
We went out and hit the links for a day as well.  Liberty Lake is pretty reasonable and I was able to get clos to par once.  I think that is pretty good for a guy who has only golfed twice in the past 6 years.
Of course the summer heat allowed us to get the kiddos out in the yard and let them enjoy the "pool".  We had a blast with my family and it was nice to have my parents bring up their RV so we all could have some more space in the house.
Soon after guests left, we had our house broken into in the middle of the day.  The thief took Brenda jewelry and our sense of privacy.  We found some evidence that would likely lead to figuring out who stole the stuff, but the Sheriffs office is pretty busy and since they did not steal and guns, they seemed less than interested in solving this caper.  Next time I may have to let them know I am missing my collection of AR's and then they may be more interested in figuring it out.
We had a couple of days in between guests, so I thought we should go out camping.  I was going to just take the boys, but after the robbery, Brenda did not want to be home alone and who can blame her.  We headed north and explored a local state park cavern tour and samped at a great little lake.
James love to whittle with his jackknife whenever he is camping, and I just love watching him and seeing him "build things".
That next week we had Brenda's family over.  Once again it was time to load up the bikes and head for the trailhead so we could go on a ride.
Lots of people means lots of food and eating almost exclusively outside.  Lets face it, when there are a lot of people, you need to do anything you cant to reduce the cleaning you will need to do, so outside it is.  The weather was conducive to it and we even had breakfast outside sometimes.
The kids enjoyed each other.
And they loved to pick stuff from the garden.  They even picked beans and snapped them all because "it is fun".  They can come over anytime if they think that is fun.
Swimming in the summer is so much fun.  Sierra is such a cutie.  She like the water and is pretty fearless.
You also get naps in the summer.  Since I took quite a bit of time off, I was able to see how cute Sierra is on a daily basis during her nap time.  I wish I could be a fox and get to snuggle with her when she sleeps.
While family was over, we also invited 40 of our closest friends for the 3rd annual DeJong Square Dance.  Of course a lot of fun was had and the kids were able to join in and have a blast.  Matt Likes to wear his "Don't Mess with Texas" shirt given to him by Jim and Jan.
Look at all those square dancing experts.
Fun in the summer means fun on the motorcycle.  Matt can now ride on his own and is actually really good at it, but he has a had time stopping.  He cannot touch the ground so every time he stops, the bike tips over and he gets trapped under it.  Not a great system, but he ill grow bigger soon an that should take care of that problem.
I know she looks a little scarred here but she is really laughing the contagious laugh only a baby can do.
Every time I go into the garage the boys want to build something.  They nail scraps of wood together all day and try to build boats, or planes, or crosses.
Summer eggs and zucchini.  Summer time is the best for hanging outside and taking the shirt of and running around.
I recently brought a projector home and we were able to watch Chitty Chitty Bang Bang out on the deck.  The kids enjoyed it although we did fast forward through one of the "Child Catcher" scenes.  I did not want to give the nightmares like I had the first time I watched Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.
Last week I took a few days off and did three sections of the IDBDR from Wallace down to Elk City.  It was fun to get out on the bike, but I did miss he kiddos and wife back at home.
Once I got home I was able to take the boys on a camping trip to Roman Nose Lakes.  The huckleberries were ripe and pickers were everywhere.  We had and blast and I cant wait to go up there again.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Schenks in Spokane

A couple of weeks ago the Schenks decided to bless the inland northwest with their presence and I am finally getting around to posting a few picture of all the misadventures we had with them.  It is so rare to have friends you really connect with and can start back up right where you left off.
First things first, which means getting the motorcycle out and showing off.  Yes, I realize now that I had my 3 year old out on the bike riding without a helmet and that is totally irresponsible, but man can he ride.

The weather was very mild when they were here, but we got over to Coeur d'Alene all the same and got a chance to hike Tubbs Hill.
Crazy kid picture
Normal  Kid picture
And finally, the picture you end up with when you ask a kid to take your picture.

Nothing like gathering around right before bed and listening to a old man spin a wild  yarn where all of the kids ge to add aspects to the story.  This man has a way of piling the "stories" up higher than is widely acceptable....he must be Canadian.
Thee kids were mesmerized.
Ethan and I had a chance to get dropped off at the top of a high hill and then ride all of the way down.  Nice view from the top and a pretty fast ride down.
Notice that Kevin is in proper riding attire as well.  There was only one minor fence and bike incident all weekend.
The crew exploring the Downtown of Spokane...nothing short of a fabulous visit.  We had way more fun than I can talk about here and took far too many pictures.  We are so glad they took time to visit the NW and see what our lives are like up here.
Sierra was dedicated the other week as well and here she is in her mothers baptismal outfit.  Such a cutie.
Matthew loves to type on a old computer and "do his homework".  I cant remember a time when I liked homework, but I am sure it is a phase all kids go through.  I am confident he will grow out of this love of school, but I hope not.