Monday, May 1, 2017

Sping break part 2

Vacation part two starts.  And it started with the Monterey aquarium.  We borrowed some guest passed from some friends because that place is so darn expensive.  I could not believe what they were charging to get into that place.
When we were eating out behind the aquarium Matt dropped some of his sandwich on the ground.  At home we have a 5 second rule and he thought the same would apply at the aquarium as well.  When he put the sandwich up to his mouth and took a bite, I could see a foot long black hair hanging off the sandwich and in his mouth.  I almost lost my lunch.  Kids.  Matt of course could not care less.
Off to Myron and Andrea's and more fun with kiddos.  James really loved playing with Jacob and Myer. 
Although it was crazy with all of those kids all of the time, there was some small lull's each and every night when the kids would settle down and act cute.
We had promised the boys that we would go mini golfing sometime at the beginning to the trip.  Now was the time.  At the end of the golfing you have a chance to get a hole in one and if you do, you get a and Icee.  well, out of our group, we had 3 and all of the kids loved it.
Then it was time for some go kart for kids.  Even four year old kids get to drive their own carts.  The cars go so slow it is not dangerous in the least, but they had a fun time as well.  After karts, we did adult karts and then inside to the video games.  On one game where you whack a ball James must have hit it just right and won the 500 ticket jackpot.  It was quite a day.
Look at all those kids ready to go.
On final picture before we headed off for the final destination of the trip.
Back into Ripon for a night and a big celebration of my grandmas 90th birthday.  Sierra also got to hang out with Tyler...she was out weighed by quite a few with this matchup.  That kid is a tank.
My grandma is doing great for 90.  I think it was quite the day for here and it was nice to catch up with all of my uncles and cousins.  After the party it was time to head back to Spokane.  We thought it through and decided t leave at 7pm and drive through the night.  What a better way to travel with kids.  We only had to stop 4 times and 3 of those were for gas and the other was out of bathroom necessity.  The rest of the time the kids were sleeping.  If we had drove during the day, we would have had to stop at least 8 or 9 times and a couple of those would have disciplinary stops.  I was so glad to travel at night.
Back in Spokane we were just in time for our annual Easter egg hunt.
There were too many eggs and in so many directions.  It was an ADHD kids dream.
I always hide a couple in a really hard spot and James spotted it.  He really had to work for that one.
Kids in the bath.  They are so excited and so much fun together.
We received a bubble machine for friends that were up here visiting and man can that thing make bubbles.  It saves all of the hard work of blowing.
Lastly we will end with the amazing and talented Sierra.  I think she will be ready in no time.  Maybe we will wait till she is at least 2.  Matt rode solo when he was 2 and women mature faster then men, so stands to reason she should be ready to go by next year, but 1 may be a little young.

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betsy said...

Looks like an amazing vacation! I'm so glad you can keep up with friends on your break times since you now have family close by and don't need to visit them on your vacations. (At least not every single time). It promises to be an exiting summer for you guys with three kids getting older and able to do more and more cool stuff. Is james playing t-ball or anything like that? J and T will do some sports camps, but no teams. Anyway, Always good to see your faces. Betsy